Who are BAM?

We stumbled upon bamboo because nearly everything in Vietnam has got some bamboo in it. As an eco-friendly alternative, there isn’t much better. It’s easily biodegradable, reusable and can be recycled into so many different things. 

Fiona To

  • 26 years old, from Cheshire
  • Lover of the outdoors
  • Passionate about the environment
  • Motivated and driven to provide an alternative to our worldwide, plastic problem

“I’ve been living in Vietnam for the past two years and it’s a fantastic place to live.  I always wanted to move here because of my family history. So far I’ve had an amazing time learning the language, food and culture.  One thing that’s been on my mind while living here though has been the extreme use of plastic that goes on in Vietnam, and South-East Asia generally.  I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and in Vietnam, it’s one of the absolute best things to do. The problem is that from Mai Chau to Phu Quoc, there’s plastic floating around absolutely everywhere.  I’m just fed up with it. Since living here, I’ve discovered that I care a hell of a lot about how we’re destroying the world. I want to try and stop it. ” – Fiona To 

We love spreading the word about how we can all make SMALL changes with a BIG impact.

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